Modernization & RBS 6000 Swap

MTN-Rwanda Project:

Project: Modernization & RBS 6000 Swap.

Vendor: Ericsson

Department: Radio Network Optimization

Starting Date: 5th April 2017

End Date: 18th August 2017

Scope of Work:

Five Bsc Rehoming ( Kibuye BSCNyanza BSCByumba BSC,Gahengeri BSC and Remera BSC ) from Old -New.

Pre and Post Drive Testing for Every Bsc-Clusters of 87 SITES in Kibuye Bsc,76 SITES in Byumba Bsc,80 SITES in Gahengeri Bsc & 144 SITES in Remera Bsc.

Single Site Verification for each swapped sites into 6k RBS to check on cross-sector swaps, Handovers, URAFCN/BCCH, GPRS-EDGED Data Packets performance of throughput DL/UL.

Technology: (GSM-2G) Coverage and Quality KPI’s.

Technology: (UMTS-3G) Coverage and Quality KPI’s.

Technology: (LTE-4G) Coverage and Quality KPI’s.

Cluster drives for poor performing sites with bad KPI’s degradations in the City.

Benchmarking for MTN-Groups every middle of a year for comparison between competitors.

Physical Site Auditing to check on Installation activities if properly done to the standards e.g. Antenna heights, Brackets, Tilts, Azimuth and models of antennas, Jumper connection to RRU.

Data collection and route analysis for the findings of bad Network or pilot polluted site.

Checking frequency interference between cells and among operators during frequency scanning test.

Reporting and giving Recommendations for action plans to our clients-MTN Rwanda.